Oxford United Methodist Church
Sunday, May 16, 2021
God is on the Move


2020 Church Council Leaders
Church Council Chair - Dr. Kyle Jones
Lay Leader- Tony Thompson
SPRC Chair - Judy Thompson 
Finance Committee Chair- Diane Waldron
Chair of Board of Trustees - Dan Smith
Worship Committee Chair - Flo Jackson
Lay Leadership Chair- Pastor Juan Cantu
Evangelism Chair- TBD
Education Chair- Diane Waldron (Sunday School Superintendent)
Missions Chair- Teresa Carper-Espino
Fellowship Chair - Angee Mason
Prayer Team Leader- Ana Davis
Membership Secretary - Doris Keeler
Lay Member of Annual Conference- Michelle Carey, Louise Taylor (alternate)
United Methodist Women President - Dr. Sue Doty
 Leaders in Areas of the Church Ministry
Sunday School Teachers- Tony Thompson, Dan Smith, Kay Wright, Jerry Mason, Kevin Wilson
Men's Bible Study (Saturday's at 9 a.m.) - Rick Gerry, Eric Shovelton
Women's Bible Study (Tuesday's a t 10 a.m.) - Diane Waldron
Prayer Chain - Ana Davis
Birthday Card Ministry- Audrey Howard
Shepherd Ministry - Margaret Mason
Attendance Secretary - Diane Waldron
Financial Donation Posting - Janette Jackson, Doris Keeler
Young Adults - Dr. Kyle Jones
Sunday Coffee Fellowship - Angee Mason, Michelle Carey, Maya Divers
Media Team - Billy Ivens, Jennifer Gerry, Robyn Gerry, Matthew Peterson, Robert Marsh
Children's Church - Gina Ivens, Maya Dives, Idaly Cantu
Food Pantry - Joyce Hitsman
UMW Kneeling Sisters Circle (4th Thursday) - Rene Jacob
UMW Dorcas Circle (3rd. Tuesday) - Louise Taylor
Wednesday Lunch Bunch - Michelle Carey