Oxford United Methodist Church
Sunday, May 16, 2021
God is on the Move


At this time, Oxford has resumed in person services. We ask that you please observe the following Guidelines that have been set forth by the Church Council. Please know that we are committed to always provide our Livestream worship experience for those who are at high-risk and cannot safely gather in person during this time of pandemic. Please use wise counsel and your best judgment when joining us in person. We will update our website when "in-person" services resume. 




            Before coming to join us for worship service, please ask yourselves the following questions.

1.      Do I have any of the following symptoms? Fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, chills, diarrhea, or other symptoms set forth by the CDC. For more information “Click Here”.

2.      Have I been in large gatherings in the last 14 days that may have compromised my health such as? Movie Theaters, BBQ gatherings, sporting or entertainment events, schools, hospitals, healthcare facilities, etc.


            Everyone will be required to comply with Oxford’s Guidelines of WORSHIP SAFELY by exercising the following practices:

·       Everyone must bring and wear a face mask; if you don’t have one a disposable one will be provided before to entry. Please wear your mask at all times, even during singing time.

·       Before entering the sanctuary, everyone will have their temperature checked and if the temperature reading is at 99.9 and above, they will be asked to kindly worship via Livestream.

·       Please hand sanitizing station at all times: before entering worship center, before and after restroom use, etc.

·       Practice Social Distancing. 6 feet apart has been set by the CDC. Make sure to use pews assigned. Families can worship together but please avoid clustering and allow 6 feet from the other worshipers. Do not use pews if it has been closed-off, as they will be used by the second worship service. We apologize in advance if your pew was one that was blocked off.

·       Bulletins, communion cups, offering envelopes, prayer cards, and other worship materials will all be located at the entrance of the worship center. Someone will be handing out the items upon request.

·       Offering plates will be located before entering the worship center and as you leave the service.


·       As you enter the worship center you will use only the front two doors and when you exit please use the double doors leading to the Education Building. Exceptions of using the front double doors as your exit will only be granted those using wheelchair, walkers, or others with physical needs.

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