Oxford United Methodist Church
Tuesday, May 26, 2020
God is on the Move

Weekly Activities


Listed below are regular activities at Oxford UMC 

(other events are scheduled as needed)





8:15 am In Search of God's Plan Sunday School Class
 8:30 am       Nursery opens for childcare (closes at 1 pm)

9:15 am

Traditional Worship Service



10:30 am

Sunday School for All Ages

11:30 am


"ELEVATE" Contemporary Worship Service

(Band run-thru starts at 10:30 am in Sanctuary. Rehearsals are scheduled among the band members.)

Children's Church takes place in our Choir Room during the Elevate Service. 



1:00 pm

Youth! Fellowship (Gym)



3:00  pm                                          Worship at The Heights (care facility on Huebner) Stephen Min. led

6:30 pm

(SPRC meet 2nd. Mondays, Trustees meet 3rd. Mondays)

 Alamo Community Marching Band Practice



9:00 am

Mothers' Day Out (school in session until 2:30 pm)

9:30 am
10:30 am                                         6:30 pm                                
 7:00 pm     
United Methodist Women's Dorcas Circle (meets 3rd Tuesday of the month)
 Women's Bible Study Fellowship (seasonal)
 Finance Committee (meets 3rd OR 4TH Tuesday of the month)



12:00 pm

Lunch Bunch Potluck

2:00 pm

Food Pantry (2 pm - 3 pm)

 5::30 pm          

 Fellowship Supper (Gym) (Seasonal)

5:30 pm     

Timbres de Dios Bell Choir Practice (Sanctuary)

6:30 pm

Spanish Bible Study - Estudio Biblico para adultos en Espanol

6:30 pm

YOUTH! (Gym)

6:45 pm

Chancel Choir Practice (Sanctuary -Choir Room)




9:00 am                                   

Mothers' Day Out (school in session until 2:30 pm)

 6:00 p.m.     

 Kneeling Sisters Women's Circle (meets on 4th. Thursday)


 (Office closed)



6:00 pm

Kid's Night Out (2nd Friday of each month) $10 per child -$15 max. per family. Kids ages 3 yrs. to 10 yrs. (MUST BE POTTY TRAINED)


9:00 am                                             Men's Bible Study Fellowship (breakfast tacos served)