Oxford United Methodist Church
Tuesday, November 19, 2019
God is on the Move

Weekly Activities


Listed below are regular activities at Oxford UMC 

(other events are scheduled as needed)





8:15 am In Search of God's Plan Sunday School Class
 8:30 am       Nursery opens for childcare (closes at 1 pm)

9:15 am

Traditional Worship Service



10:30 am

Sunday School for All Ages

11:30 am


"ELEVATE" Contemporary Worship Service

(Band run-thru starts at 10:30 am in Sanctuary. Rehearsals are scheduled among the band members.)

Children's Church takes place in our Choir Room during the Elevate Service. 



1:00 pm

Youth! Fellowship (Gym)



3:00  pm                                          Worship at The Heights (care facility on Huebner) Stephen Min. led

6:30 pm

(SPRC meet 2nd. Mondays, Trustees meet 3rd. Mondays)

 Alamo Community Marching Band Practice



9:00 am

Mothers' Day Out (school in session until 2:30 pm)

9:30 am
10:30 am                                         6:30 pm                                
 7:00 pm     
United Methodist Women's Dorcas Circle (meets 3rd Tuesday of the month)
 Women's Bible Study Fellowship (seasonal)
 Finance Committee (meets 3rd Tuesday of the month)
 Zumba Fitness (Choir Room)  Childcare provided



12:00 pm

Winners' Wednesday Lunch Bunch

2:00 pm

Food Pantry (2 pm - 4 pm)

 5::30 pm          

 Fellowship Supper (Gym) (Seasonal)

5:30 pm     

Timbres de Dios Bell Choir Practice (Sanctuary)

6:30 pm

Mid-Week Studies (Seasonal)

6:30 pm

YOUTH! (Gym)

6:30 pm

Chancel Choir Practice (Sanctuary -Choir Room)




9:00 am                                   

Mothers' Day Out (school in session until 2:30 pm)

 6:00 p.m.     

 Kneeling Sisters Women's Circle (meets on 4th. Thursday)


 (Office closed)



6:00 pm

Kid's Night Out (2nd Friday of each month) $10 per child -$15 max. per family. Kids ages 3 yrs. to 10 yrs. (MUST BE POTTY TRAINED)


9:00 am                                             Men's Bible Study Fellowship (breakfast tacos served)